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What is the RDSP?

The Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) is an investment tool helping people with disabilities plan for their future. There are many advantages to the program including a number of grants and bonds that participants can receive.

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Do I Qualify for the rdsp
Do I Qualify for the rdsp

If you are under 60 years old and have a medical condition that entitles you to the disability tax credit, you may qualify for this non-deductible savings plan. Review the requirements to learn if you qualify for this incredible Savings Plan.
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Apply online today!

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I am so grateful to Steven for opening the RDSP for me. Being on welfare with a son with Autism, no one would help. He helped me to be able to provide a future for my son.

- I.K., Calgary, AB

Thank you so much Steven. It's good to know our son will be taken care of down the road. We appreciate your work.

- E.A., Kamloops, BC

What a pleasure to meet with Steven and get my RDSP open. He helped me understand it and get me through the paperwork in an hour. Very professional. Thanks.

- M.G., Calgary, AB

Don't thank me Steven for opening the RDSP...THANK YOU!!!!!...VERY VERY MUCH!!!!!!

- R.W., Drayton Valley, AB

Our RDSP Expert/ Specialist serves clients all over Canada.

There has been a lot of discussion regarding the 10 year rule now that the…

The short answer; Yes, however, you will lose 3x what you withdraw up to what the government has put in during the last 9 years.

The RDSP is a long term…

If I have a child that may not qualify for the Disability Tax Credit when…

Definitely YES! Think of it this way, if you could borrow money without any interest so that you can earn investment income, wouldn’t you? Any grants and bonds that have…

I do not have any money to put into the RDSP, should I still open…

Yes. Once the RDSP is open, there may be bonds that will go into the account without any deposits made by you. When the time comes that you can make…

I am now 50 and can no longer get any grants or bonds, is it…

That depends. If you have not maximized your TFSA, this is usually a better registered plan to max out first and then put any extra into your RDSP. Unless you…

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